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V0.5 Capricornus Is out

Constellation V0.5 is out! New nodes are available, new live editor, Updated documentation and more...

Live editor

New features.

  • Added live documentation.

  • Added teleport in/out node to avoid using links.

  • Added tags. For now it's used for tutorials.

  • Added an error message if a documentation does not exist on a node.

  • Added GetComponent, GetVar, SetVar nodes to communicate with a C# code.

  • Added Color node.

  • Added character controller node.


  • Added documentation for most of the nodes.

  • Added Flappy bird example to the build (Just in the build not in the repo)


  • Refactored live editor. Now a constellation works like a prefab.

  • Refactored ConstellationEditorWindow.


  • Fixed issues with live editor.

  • Removed Warnings in editor.

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