Antoine Charton
Mar 9, 2018

[Read first] Post here to give us your feed back ;)


Edited: Mar 9, 2018

-Be constructive. Don't be afraid to say that something is badly done, but explain how it can be improved.

- Remember the project is free. Everybody here just do it for fun! The best way to thanks us is to be nice and respectful.

- The project is open source and any skill is useful. Arts, documentation, programming, examples, community management... If you have an expertise in some area give us our suggestions or event contribute to the project.

Apr 27, 2018

Hi Antoine, if I am allowed I would like to escort the creation of Constellation for a while.

Why Constellation - there are some reasons:

- Constellation Graphs are really small. And if there are more complex nodes it may be, the graphs are more compact as competitors ones

- Constellation scripts/graphs can be handled at run time. There are only view others that can do this.

- I cant really describe why, but I am thinking that learning of Constellation could be easy.

One reason more:

- Its a great idea of describing Constellation Nodes by Constellation graphs. I immediately could understand what was going on.

For the moment good luck to your work.

Till next.

Antoine Charton
Apr 27, 2018

Hi eggeuk, No problem any help could be helpfull. Thanks for your feedback. If you are familiar with github you can go to github and make a pull request. If you are not familiar with github flow, you can come to the discord and tell us what you want to do with Constellation. We will help you ;).

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